Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carolinas Green

Here's my latest column for the Carolinas Green, the Carolinas GCSA's official publication. It's a carry-over from my consulting days but I still love doing it. I write about the issues of the day with a special focus on our pals down there. This column touches on their show in Myrtle Beach last November and the state of golf/turf trade shows in general.

If you've never seen a copy of their magazine, it sometimes rivals anything being done by GCI or anyone in the industry. Trent Bouts, a very fine fellow who writes for us periodically, magically pulls a great publication out of his hat every two months. Frankly, the quality of Carolinas Green reflects the fact that this chapter does pretty much everything right. Their show, education programs, member service and staff should be the envy of any regional professional association.

That also makes them an 800-lb. gorilla politically and economically within GCSAA's sphere. Biggest chapter, biggest association revenues by far and exceedingly capable leadership and staff. It's the "Mini-Me" version of the national. If such things interest you, it's always wise to consider where the folks down South stand on any issue.

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