Monday, January 10, 2011

Never say never...

Okay, way back when, I said I'd never have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or, god forbid, a blog.

Wrong on all accounts.

Welcome to Jonesy's World, my blog for readers and friends of Golf Course Industry. I will write about whatever the hell I want to write about, but will try to occasionally include something relevant about the business that might accidentally help you do your job.

Let's start out with this: I just crashed the Minnesota GCSA annual meeting in Minneapolis last week (I was speaking at their trade show and invited myself to attend their meeting) and the discussion was about taking their great "Hole Notes" chapter publication from a printed/mailed format to an online format.

Despite the fact that this is the way of the future and that it will save them substantially on printing and mailing costs, there were still objections from folks who liked the old-fashioned "dead trees and ink" format.

What's your take? Could you survive without a printed copy of your chapter publication?


  1. Maybe "less" printed issues (with a digital thrown in), but taking away a printed copy is like telling your subscribers to go screw themselves! (not really, but I do like the printed version).

    ALSO, FYI...please develop and put a QR Code for that GCI App you are promoting on the side. I don't do apps unless I can scan them into my phone!

    Love the blog BTW.


  2. @JK...Ha! I have a meeting about QR codes tomorrow! Good suggestion!