Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Manage Younger Employees

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Here's a great short piece from Harvard Business Review on how to overcome the challenges of managing younger employees.

Key quote:

The best managers of younger employees are people who would otherwise love teaching for a living. They prize helping others grow and tend to overexplain their reasoning for decisions. Rather than assuming that twenty-somethings possess enough experience or perspective to read between the lines of their choices, these managers take an extra few minutes to lay out pros and cons and diagram their rationale. Three short minutes of explanation usually make excellent junior employees excited, since they feel the immediate benefits of gaining insight into decision-making processes. It also makes them better at working for you and your company, because it teaches them how you think.

The fact is that you have to change your Boomer mindset in order to get the most of today's employees. Don't just think outside the box...throw the damn box away.

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