Monday, February 7, 2011

On the Ground at GIS

Okay, Day One in Orlando. A few notes:

- Get ready for the first Twitter overload show. Between @johnkaminski, @gcimagazine, @gcsaa and @ everybody else, Twitter might chirp in pain and die. That said, good way to follow the show if you can wade through the redundancy.

- Talked with Rhett Evans today for a video interview we'll be posting later this week. I asked him specifically if the idea of going to an every-other-year schedule for the show was still being discussed. His answer, in a lot more words, was "nothing is off the table." This is the just the second time I've met him. I like him. Good guy.
- The show floor seems farther along that usual in terms of people getting booths set up. A lot of folks said they want to be done today so they can have sales meeting tomorrow. The new schedule (two-day show) is forcing everyone to use their time on site more wisely.

- Best thing I've seen so far: Palm tree outside my hotel window instead of a snow plow.

Look for updates, pics and videos from us on the GCI site, Twitter and Facebook. Note that we'll be doing a preview edition of our Fast & Firm e-newsletter coverage overnight tonight and sending special show editions out Tuesday night and Wednesday night for your morning reading pleasure.

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