Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Big or Go Home...Orlando Day 2

The days of a mass flood of attendees spilling onto the floor eagerly running for hats and other swag is over, but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of action on the show floor today. A few observations about the industry's biggest event...

- Exhibitors seemed very pleased with the quality -- if not the quantity -- of the superintendents and others on the floor today. The typical observation from suppliers was that those who are here are here to buy. I sure didn't talk to many superintendents that were just farting around. And you didn't see guys with clubs over their shoulders heading off to do "turf research" in the hotel lobbies this morning. It was all business.

Joe Livingston, friend of GCI
 - That fits with the new culture of the golf market. It's time to be serious, use resources well and justify trips and events like this. Well, not totally serious...

- Funniest thing said to me today: "Twitter? Seriously?"

- It was incredibly gratifying to get so many great comments about the improvements we've made to the magazine. We're pleased you think we're giving you a better publication, a better website and more information in more forms. Look for more.

- It was also very humbling to hear so many "attaboys" from folks who were supportive of the changes in my personal life. All I know is it's a helluva lot easier to survive this Bataan death march of a week sober.

Final note: I was talking with a young up and coming superintendent today who was interested in writing an article for GCI and asked for some ideas on moving on the ladder. We talked for a while and I shared some ideas. He said, "Why would you take time to help me with this." I reminded him of what the late great Harvey Penick was fond of saying, "If you play golf, you are my friend." In this case, we are all in this crazy business together...which makes us all friends.

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