Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming Soon: New "Jonesy's World" Blog Format

Change is coming to Jonesy's World. Be advised that sometime in coming weeks we will be migrating this blog over to the GCI site to be hosted there. Those of you who have friended, liked or otherwise subscribed to this version will have to do the same thing on the new version. I'll post an update as we get closer to that day.

Why are we doing this? Greed, my friends, greed. Our advertisers like to know that people actually visit our site, and the thousands of visits we get on this blog don't count in those site traffic reports because I'm both impatient lazy and set this thing up on Blogger instead of our own site. So, we're going to restart over on so we can have everything in one place.

Also, we've had some problems posting pictures and doing other things on this platform recently. I'm told by my wonderful squad of geeks that the new blog platform will solve those issues and we'll also have all sorts of fun new bells and whistles, so that's cool.

Look for it soon kids!

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